Won't Ever/Won't Never

Monday, November 30, 2009

Whoosh! The days have gone by seriously fast.

A button from Dallin for Straw.

While in Calgary, Dallin, Josh and I worked on Dallin's Book:

This book will be available for purchase at Calgary's next Market Collective (Dec 6!) if you're in Calgary, GO! Dallin is hand binding these books and yes, that's cool yeah?

And also another book that I've been working on, Jared's almost done as well.

More of Calgary:

Oh man I didn't expect to be staying up this late. Must be all that bubble tea with Ms.Koo.
And I know I've already said it, but Calgary ain't so bad.
But, uh, Hey there Vancouver! Goodnight!

Calgary You're Okay.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Calgary:
I don't want to jinx this or anything, but a lot of people talk shit about you (including myself) and I guess hearing this from me won't be such a bad thing. So I wanted to say this to you: thank you for being sunny and dry (it feels good to not have wet socks and cold feet), thank you for letting me drive on your roads and not die, thank you for having friends, thank you for your golden flat plains and your big sky, and thank you for being pretty nice so far for a November trip, and ha uh thanks for showing me that the latest Jay-Z single is awesome.
Brick cheese? Very descriptive for the wrong thing ya know?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maybe this should have been my costume for Halloween: Cousin Itt towel style! Or brown ghost towel style.

Learning fallibility.
Got my hair cut, got tickets to far places and not so far places, and I oughta, got-ta get a goin' now.

(ps man it's windy!)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An exploration of diamonds.

I was talking to this guy one time about how I really liked the one song by Broken Social Scene, Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day). And he's like, "Oh yeah, that one's great" and then sang a line from that song, and I don't know if he's completely misheard the song or if I misheard him, but I thought he sang, "Diamonds ain't never turning to dust." Even though it's completely wrong and I don't think there is a Broken Social Scene song with that line, it's quite beautiful to me nonetheless. I find that this happens often with Broken Social Scene (like with KC Accidental, I made up alll the lyrics to that song), but I know it's common to mishear songs and you end up with your own version of your lyrics that you grow to love but eventually forget once you learn the correct ones (and you try so hard to remember what you started with, but can never really get back to it).

Nice weather we've been having?

I saw this movie tonight:

A Serious Man. And there were some parts where I had no idea what was going on and why that scene was there and so forth. It was kind of a choppy experience, there's parts where I could understand and I enjoyed, then it would get kind of strange and I had no idea what the director was implying, and then it would go back to understanding, and maybe that was the whole idea of the film, I don't know. But um maybe if you've seen it you could explain the beginning, end, and a bunch of other parts to me?


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Excerpt wridrawn (written+drawn) by myself from the book, History of Love by Nicole Krauss.

If you can't read it (I know people have a bit of hard time with my handwriting), here's what it says:

My brother and I used to play a game. I'd point to a chair. "THIS IS NOT A CHAIR," I'd say. Bird would point to the table. "THIS IS NOT A TABLE." "THIS IS NOT A WALL," I'd say. "THAT IS NOT A CEILING." We'd go on like that. "IT IS NOT RAINING OUT." "MY SHOE IS NOT UNTIED!" Bird would yell. I'd point to my elbow. "THIS IS NOT A SCRAPE." Bird would lift his knee. "THIS IS ALSO NOT A SCRAPE!" "THAT IS NOT A KETTLE!" "NOT A CUP!" "NOT A SPOON" "NOT DIRTY DISHES!" We deneid whole rooms, years, weathers. Once at the peak of our shouting, Bird took a deep breath. At the top of his lungs, he shrieked, "I! HAVE NOT! BEEN! UNHAPPY! MY WHOLE! LIFE!" "But you're only seven," I said.

And man this cough of mine is giving my upper abs or stomach a work out, COUGH OUT!