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Monday, November 30, 2009

Whoosh! The days have gone by seriously fast.

A button from Dallin for Straw.

While in Calgary, Dallin, Josh and I worked on Dallin's Book:

This book will be available for purchase at Calgary's next Market Collective (Dec 6!) if you're in Calgary, GO! Dallin is hand binding these books and yes, that's cool yeah?

And also another book that I've been working on, Jared's almost done as well.

More of Calgary:

Oh man I didn't expect to be staying up this late. Must be all that bubble tea with Ms.Koo.
And I know I've already said it, but Calgary ain't so bad.
But, uh, Hey there Vancouver! Goodnight!

1 comment:

Tobias said...

Loves the "Centrism"-one.
The button is pretty wicked too.

Is you back on Tuesday?