For the love of Chinatown

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This GIF for the Chinatown Night Market has been kicking around:

I helped out by making the visuals for it. Below are them sitting pretty and still. Parts of the visual identity of the market uses these really beautiful and vibrant wrapping papers that are sold by a store in Chinatown. I wanted to make a whole new pattern inspired by the imagery seen in these wrapping papers and also use them as a texture. I find these patterns funny. I like how over the top they are. How bright they are. How garish they almost are (or are...if you think they are, it's okay, I think that's cool). The dumpling and Streetfighter ones are my favorite. Anyways, I hope these get you stoked on going to the Chinatown Night Market this summer, I mean if making this was fun, who knows how fun the market is going to be (we haven't even gotten to the real thing yet)! DUMPLINGS! SINGING! MAH JONG! PING PONG! VIDEO GAMES! I hope to see all you singing, dumpling-eating, video game playing nerds (and not nerds) there.