Hi, Paris:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Been busy and away.

But here I am and here is what I've been doing:

I just got back from a month long trip to Europe. Went to 3 places (or 4 if you want to be really detailed), Sète, Paris, Switzerland, and London.


Went to Sète to see a music festival with Tom.

Then we went to Paris.

Saw things in Paris:

This was a strange piece, it was a video of a woman stroking a sleeping black man's face.

Went to the tennis museum and learned that whenever Rafael Nadal comes to the French Open, that he must spend a day in Disneyland Paris. Also learned that tennis museums in Paris (well there's only actually one) are art museums (there was a jazz photography exhibition going on at the same time - huh? It was nice though).

Oh look that guy with the glasses is looking at me. We were in Paris for Bastille day and ate mexican and watched the fireworks by the eiffel tower for like 10 minutes.

Walked around a lot. This is probably us trying to look for Jim Morrison's grave in Père Lachaise and not finding it after walking in the opposite direction a couple of times. When we did find it, it was, haha, a grave that didn't really live up to its hype ( all). Although it had a small fence.

A lot of nice window displays in Paris. This is for a store that sells candles. And candles only. The long ones (which, are people really even that into?) It's amazing/nice that these kind of stores can exist in Paris...and that these people can also take a summer vacation.

This kid.

This was across from that really famous falafel place, L'as du Fallafel. I was standing in a big line waiting for falafel (THAT HAS EGGPLANT! Okay, falafels should always have eggplants in it) and even though this place has the most charming sign (but I guess not charming enough because I, haha, went to L'as du Fallafel like 3 more times while I was in Paris and never decided to try this place, even though it was right across the street and the same price), they didn't have nearly as big as a line, or even any line at all sometimes. I'd be so bummed if I was that owner. Or maybe it isn't as bad as I think and they get a lot of business because of L'as du Fallafel. Anyways.

Ate a lot of good things:

Paris consisted of me just basically starting my day by finding a restaurant I heard about and from there, walk around (most likely to a bakery or chocolate store or an insanely over priced clothing store) and walk around some more and then go to a park and sit. ha. It was really nice. Honestly.

Went to Rose Bakery. I hate to say this because I really enjoy the cookbook (although, admittedly, I haven't really even cooked much from the cookbook, I like looking at it more than I do cooking from it), but the place is kind of overrated. I am sure there are a lot of things that make it great, especially if you live in Paris, it's a nice break from all the heavy food and is unpretentious and all that, but I dunno, it was whatever. Although I am sure if I go back to Paris, I'd probably go back there anyways, cause you know, soft spot and all.

This dessert was out of control. An apricot tart with caramel sauce. Two favorite things. Together. On this plate. Yeesh.

I, haha, realize I didn't really eat much french food while in Paris. And that's okay.

What I really loved about Paris and got to do more of this time that I didn't last time I visited, was to just take it more easy and actually sit in a park - for a long period of time (like long enough to take a nap and then some kind of long). And there's so many! And they're all so nice and I wish there were more parks here in Vancouver. Serious lacking of good parks here.

What's missing in this picture? Me in a rowboat on this river. Tom and I had gotten to this park and went there to go hang out and go rowboating (I think Tom only agreed to because we had gone to the Tennis museum before this). When we got to the park, we were at the opposite end of where you rent the rowboats, and we walked for about 45 minutes before finally getting to the spot to find out, oh bummer, we're closed. Oh well.


Oh Paris I hope I see you soon. It was really nice.

People ask me why I like Paris so much. And I couldn't really say. Other than that I did and it felt good to be there. My answer is a bit more defined now. Paris is what results between the new and old coming together, and I like that result. I also like that it is a place that appreciates leisure, that celebrates it and thinks you're kind of weird if you don't.

Ha hrm I don't think that really explains much either.