Thursday, September 24, 2009

I started a Tumblr that keeps a record of all the books I have been reading. Having buttloads of time at the book store has increased the amount of books I am reading, and I have all this information, and I feel like I need to do something with it. Hence, I present with excitement:


I just post what books I read, sometimes do an accompanying illustration with my favorite sentence/passage from that book and the story of how I got to the book. It was inspired completely by Ken Tsui's tumblr, Habitual Viewer, where he documents what films he is watching. Seeing all the film stills in one place, it looked so beautiful, so important, even though it is so small and brief, it is so loaded! And most importantly, it made me want to see all the films he was watching. I wanted to do the same thing, just post the cover of the book I read and my then write my favorite sentence and leave it at that and let the viewer think whether or not the book seems interesting or not. But gah! I just couldn't! I feel this incredible need to tell people why I chose the book, how I got to the book, because I like knowing that kind of stuff, and I like telling that kind of stuff. I will kind of draw the line (even though I think I already kinda crossed it) at telling you whether or not the book is good and worthwhile. You can decide that for yourself because I did when I found all of these books.

Um, so unless kind of otherwise noted, the illustrations that accompany the book covers are done by myself. Um yep!

And we start Books Read with the lovely Dorothy Parker and Ms. Judith Jones.

Celebration/Extremely Dreamy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

For the most part, September, you rule.

Today is Joel's, the owner of Tangelwood and Brigid's books, birthday. It is also the third anniversary of Brigid's Books, celebrate! I made him a little card and also bought some truffles from Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France which Tobias and I stumbled upon while walking on Main Street. I had the dreamiest truffle there, it was a black currant tea truffle, the instant I stuck it in my mouth I was amazed at how fruity it was (I find with a lot of truffles that it says it tastes like something, but it rarely ever does, and if it does, it's too subtle for my unrefined palate) and how SOFT! Truffles are usually kind of hard because it is dipped in chocolate, but this lady just rolled it in cocoa powder, and gosh it melted so nice in my mouth.

Man I am still dreaming and thinking about it.

I am not exaggerating here, but that truffle was almost...revelatory! It tasted so good that it is now my standard for a good truffle, how they should be, soft, intense, and uh...extremely dreamy.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Everything and nothing to say.
You know?

So I am now officially 22 and it was the first birthday in a long time or possibly ever where I didn't really make much of a big deal of it in my head. I always feel kind of shitty or insanely slummy on my birthday because no matter how hard I try, I have expectations and they are always unmet or unfulfilled and the day ends up feeling so anti climatic and I have all these self-loathing feelings for acting like such a big spoiled kid. I'd have such conflicting feelings, I would want to stay in bed and not talk to anyone but to also be out doing significant meaningful things and say hi to everyone and have everyone say hi to me and eat cake. But this year was different, everything felt fine, things felt okay and there were pleasant surprises (small things) that left me more than fulfilled.

I have been thinking about expectations, and how having them sometimes leads to disappointment. I started thinking that maybe you shouldn't go into anything with expectations, or if you do, to have some pretty low ones. Then I was reading a tv review in the metro and the reviewer said something to the effect of, "This show will be enjoyable if you have low expectations." And seeing that in print and reading it, that idea of having to have to have low expectations in order to enjoy something just suddenly seemed so retaaaarded. It sounded like such a cop out, that the show would be excusable if you kind of turned off your mind and your thinking and your questioning, the things that makes things more interesting, more meaningful, less shitty. If you have to have low expectations for something, you probably shouldn't even be bothering with it anyways . It's better then to have appropriate expectations, reasonable expectations, and they can be seen as high or low, but they are specific to the situation, its context, and I think that leads to better feelings.

I think at least.