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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I bought my first ever real deal digital slr last week (Canon T2i). I was so nervous about dropping such a huge amount of money on something that I don't really know anything about and don't really...necessarily need to rely on. But there were reasons for it (I'll get into this at a later date), but I am so happy with the camera so far. It is so so nice and it has made me want to take pictures of everything and anything (in an effort to get to know the camera) and it's been good.

So here's what this camera has seen so far:

Delicious roast beef sandwich made by Hamza with arugula and avocado. I forgot how peppery arugula is. PEPPERY! Like makes your face pucker peppery.

Okay. I, like almost every other girl/woman/possibly person was absolutely crazy about macaroons when macaroons seem to blow up and were everywhere. So much so that when I went to Paris, I went to Laduree every flavor offered. Holy excessive. I was done (predictably) on the 5th out of like 30 macaroons in. This experience coupled with macaroons being everywhere - I was over them. They became these overly sweet finicky fussy things and made me want rustic desserts instead (ha). I was in Terra Breads the other day and it had been at least a couple of years since giving up macaroons, and the flavor they were offering, Earl Grey and currant, seemed really interesting to me, and I was like, oh cool, let's try. And oh my god it was so good. So, if you too were over macaroons, you should try this one. It's good.

Jane also got something new:

Dig Dug! I like him a lot. He purrs and purrs and drags himself around and tries to exert the least amount of energy possible.


Wahoo expensive camera you rule.