SF, hi.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A few days ago I went down to San Francisco for a bit of a visit. I was looking forward to walking around, eating good food (Mexicannnn!) and seeing and hanging out with friends.
I went via Seattle, it was so snowy that day. I saw so many kinds of weather in one day - the cold, clearness of Vancouver - the white snow blizzardness of Seattle - and the brisk sun of San Francisco.
Yo SF!
Walked around. Oh look, pink rabbit cactus.
Oh what am I looking at? Teeny tiny succulents.
A pretty Mexican Bakery.
This was the first thing that I saw when I went to the SFMOMA. I was in total awe. It felt so good because I had also just gotten in for free. The art museum visiting gods were on my side.
My favorite piece that day.
This is a part of the roof of Mission Chinese Food. If you want great service - go here. For real! I wanted this place to be really good - especially since I broke my vegetarianism for it - but it was alright. We ordered Chicken Rice and it kind of bugged me that they mixed the chicken into the rice (in small pieces too!) and that it was missing the most key part of Chicken Rice - the dipping sauce. I am all for blasphemous Asian food - but this wasn't satisfying enough.
The roof of a taqueria where I briefly fell asleep in.
So happy underneath a bush on a street.
This cat was funny.
Nice spaghetti packaging.
It was raining most of the time we were there. We took advantage of the one sunny break and sat at Dolores Park with some crackers, cheese and funny drinks (Cola Chai for me and a Lavender Drink for Jane). Many a cute dogs there.
Great novelty: Buying alcohol from a 24 hour Safeway.
Passed by this sad lion on my way out of SF and decided to share this moment with it.

Thanks SF! I had fun (I sure liked your abundance of taquerias, cheap drinks, many used bookstores, and food) and we'll be seeing each other soon again I hope!