A Most Curious Event

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poster design I did for Curious Oyster Catering Company for their upcoming event, A Most Curious Event at Olla Flowers. It sounds like it's going to be a really nice night, flowers everywhere, and oysters! Gawd, since becoming a vegetarian, I have really singled out the meats that I miss, and oysters is definitely one of them. I could eat dozens in one sitting and not feel disgusting. I'll probably cave at this event and eat a bunch - JOIN ME!

Ahem, the invites:

If you want to go, RSVP at!

Speaking of curious things, get a load of this punch that I bought to cut out the circles for the invites:

Whooaaaaa, isn't this thing the funniest/craziest? So massive for doing one task. But I gotta say, this thing, it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and has the "Ease-of-use Commendation" by the Arthritis Foundation. This thing punches like a dream, I have never had so much satisfaction/fun from making circles out of paper.


Someone give me a project that needs 2 inch circles, I've got just the thing.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jane made a cat teepee for her cat Dig Dug. I helped her paint a bit of it. I really like it! Dig Dug seems to be kind of scared/not into it, but I'm sure he'll come around. I mean...look at it. There's talk of there also being a dream catcher in there. I'd be totally there if I was that cat.


a start - a forest.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jane and I were eating pizza the other day and decided we were going to start our foray into filmmaking by making a small video demonstrating how one of her brother's projects, Nut-apult works. We don't know anything about filmmaking. We both took that class at Emily Carr, something about design and media - where you have to make a video and neither of us remember what programs we used to edit the video. Imovie?! All I remember is my video was about Tobias getting eaten by a duvet and I got a good grade for it. I also remember the teacher commenting how it was very early Peter Jackson. Oh teacher, you are too nice.

I was most excited about hanging out in a bunch of trees and cracking nuts.

So we went to Pacific Spirit Park (ps, whoa that place is so cool! Weird/creepy mushrooms everywhere, so many dogs, and TREES!):

We're also planning to maybe make a little song to go with it. Using this:


Fish Bowl

Ken Tsui and Alex Dadzis are putting on another dinner, a seafood one at Gene Cafe on November 18th and 19th! Go! Even if you don't like seafood, I think they'll convince you otherwise. Contact them at to reserve your spot or ask questions about the sea!

Here's the poster and ticket design I did for it:

The sea!