Monday, August 16, 2010

Hrm it's been awhile since I've said anything on this blog. I was in Calgary for a bit and just have been keeping pretty quiet these days.

Jane came with me to Calgary for a few days and we went to Banff:
This is at the top of a mountain where you take a terrifyingly long (and expensive) Gondola ride to get to.
We went to the show Sean helped put on, "The Chute Project" (which I did the poster for) at Straw Gallery. It was pretty great by the way, and congrats to Sean and everyone else who helped put it on. 

We went to Drumheller and ate deep fried chicken and fries (that were sadly not very good, maybe I should have taken note from this dinosaur and eaten a gigantic hamburger. I did however outdo this dinosaur on the ice cream part and had 2 gigantic scoops, one being mint chocolate chip and the other pralines and something or another) at this place:

The coolest part of Drumheller, HOODOOS:

I've been pretty quiet thinking, considering and trying to practice these things (except for one of them, you get to guess which one):

The Backside of Your Gullet is Decadent and Depraved by Frank Chimero - It's a four part (don't let this deter you, this is really really good), series of little, very easy to read essays basically about, what is the point of doing anything (something that I, and probably everyone else thinks about everyday from everything to the smallest to largest thing). Chimero is a great designer, has great clients, but he feels a little lost, stuff's feeling a bit pointless (I feel ya buddy). And I think it's great that he's admitting that and trying to figure out why and sharing his experience along the way (because I'd sure like some light shed on this as well). 

Skateistan - Sean had been telling me that his friend Rhianon was involved with this and I looked it up and I think it is so cool. Teaching kids how to skateboard in Afghanistan! I feel like it is such a simple idea, but that it is definitely a challenge to do in real life, but once done has a really great and wide-spreading positive effect. Donate to Skateistan! (I know how infomercial-y this paragraph is, but know that no one put me up to this. I won't let you donate to just anyone!)

But Will it Make You Happy- This New York Times article really affected me, making me reevaluate how I live and how to live, trying to make things slower and simpler. This includes checking my email, facebook, and twitter less, which so far I feel like I've done in an okay and somewhat improved way, and ha, I hope it lasts longer than this week. I always do this detox sort of thing for a week and then eventually just give it up because I don't know how to occupy my time! But I guess that's the point. 

On that note.