Coron, Philippines: Friendship Love Letter

Friday, April 11, 2014

After Siargao, I met up with Maggie and we went to a town in the Palawan province in the Philippines called Coron.

It was great. Get ready for a whole lot of pictures of Maggie's back against some stunning spots.

Although this looks kind of nice, this was actually a crummy beach. Coron isn't known for having great beaches in the town. But what it is known for is being close to some really amazing ones (white sand, clear waters), you just have to take a boat out there. If you can, I wouldn't even really bother going to the beaches in town. 

Maquinit Hot Springs. Here's Maggie with a bag of pseudo pork rinds in a delicious flavor (can't quite remember it, but if you're in the Philippines, get the red bag) and a beer in a giant pool of hot spring water. This is a real nice spot. 

:) Us on a boat tour. The company that ran the tour was disconcertingly called, "Cheap Travels". Good tour though! 

On the boat tour they take you to several different spots. This is one of them. I feel like this spot was solely for people to take jumping photos (which the tour guides are excellent at taking at as you can see). 

Maggie's hilarious sarong. 

Apparently this is the most photographed spot in Coron. You can see why right? Beauty. 

Our hostel was in the middle of a bunch of locals' housing. So many kids milling about asking "What's your name, what's your name?"

If you're going to ride a motorbike, ride it real slow. I didn't and I looked like I got mauled by a bear and hurt my knee pretty bad. It was fun up until that point! After that everyone looked at my face with a horrified expression and asked what happened to me. Idiocy is what happened to me.  

I like his legs and how they're splayed out. Perfect dog rug.

Maggie and I would go nuts at the barbeque stands. They sell skewers of barbequed meat and then there are two big jars of dipping sauce for you to dip the skewers in, one sweet, the other some sort of vinegar thing (ps - everyone dips in this jar. I love stuff like this, things that would never ever fly in North America). What was awesome about these skewers is for the pork one, they always end the skewer on a massive piece of fat. Even more awesome, the skewers were only like 30 cents or something. 

We would also get these watermelon slushies to drink it with that were so cheap and good. Also whenever we were at the market, I just went nuts and tried anything that looked mildly appealing. I would have the weirdest combinations of snacks. But man it was good. 

Maggie asking for something at a drug store. I liked their setup. So well organized and colorful and the total opposite of Shoppers Drug Mart or something like that. 

Maggie walking past Mormons.  

Hanging out to dry.

I was saying to Maggie how glad I was she was here with me in Coron because as beautiful as the things were that we saw, it would have been not nearly as nice and meaningful to see it alone. Also it be boring. And also it's always cool to be in some random foreign place with a really good friend doing random things. Maggie is my only friend that I have hung out with in person since the holidays. It was nice to catch up with her and have (many) full conversations in English where I didn't have to say my ideas in a limited or simple way. Where someone got my jokes without me having to explain them. And where I could say what was on mind and have a meaningful response (partly because I am finally articulating myself fully, but also because it's Maggie and Maggie gives meaningful responses). 

Maggie is currently in New York and then off to Amsterdam indefinitely. Our friendship has gone through periods of large physical distances and months where we don't say anything to each other at all, but when we see or talk to each other, those distances and time don't exist. 

And I am thankful for that too and wish her all the best until I see and talk to her again. 

xo Maggie and Coron, was real nice.