VIFF '10

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This feels like forever go, but I saw a lot of movies at VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) and before I completely forget what I thought about them, here is what I saw: 

This year's film festival made me realize:
I should watch more documentaries.
I like them more than I thought I did.

The Eye of the Storm

Monday, October 4, 2010

A poster I did for an upcoming show at Straw Gallery (this friday, also my brother's birthday, also thanksgiving weekend!), Matthew Mark, "The Eye of the Storm". I think you can see more of his work here. I really liked Matthew's colorful wooden sculptures, and I was told that he would be exhibiting some paintings at this show, so I painted a probable Matthew Mark sculpture and it was nice to paint colorful strokes on top of one another (although you can't really tell so well from the poster).

In other news, I am on the most hilarious winning streak in my fantasy football league. I did however have to let go of my kicker (he wasn't playing this week), the only sad news about this otherwise very funny/fulfilling endeavor that is proving to be so entertaining.