Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So I have updated my portfolio with a few more things: Straw, Incurable, WWWLBWT, and just updated the images for: C, Great Love/Conquest, Secret History, and The Story I Want to Tell You. All the images for those projects were done by the exceptional Jason Edwards.

A lot of the recent projects that have popped up on my portfolio were helped along with the critique of Tobias Ottahal, and big thanks for that.

During making new projects for my portfolio, I caught up on toooons of TV. Like TONS! But really bad TV. I would have it stream in the background while I worked. Bad TV while I work is really comforting and calming to me, it keeps me focused/distracted in a good way in the sense that it keeps me awake and engaged (but yeah I know, shouldn't I be engaged by the project?), I guess the better word is entertained and motivated, but anyways. With good TV, it's hard to have it streaming in the background because good TV has all these visual cues and hints that need to be watched in order for it to be understood as good, and so it demands a larger amount of attention. And there's also the whole thing with good TV where the characters say something, but their actions speak differently, which gives the scene a whole deeper meaning, whereas with bad TV, what is said is what is meant and its very superficial in that sense.

So enough of this portfolio business.

Saw this film with Jane tonight:
Coco Avant Chanel. It's about fashion designer Coco Chanel before she became mega famous and ubiquitous. The film mainly focused on her love life, and as much as I love love, I thought the film was pretty weak. I guess it didn't help either that one of the characters would sometimes speak in a British accent then go back into French, sounded really awkward and highly laughable. The film just wasn't compelling or engaging for me in any way, it was flat and preetty forgettable.

And it looks like I'll be in Asia for a bit in December. KL and HK yonder!


Monday, October 19, 2009

I was pretty entertained by this movie.
"Feed me woman!"



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Films I saw this year at the VIFF:

Films that I enjoyed out of the ones I saw:
Mother, Castaway on the Moon, Ashes of American Flags, Breathless, The Exploding Girl, Mammoth, Punching the Clown, and The White Ribbon.

Films that I kind of enjoyed seeing:
An Education, Prom Night in Mississippi (there were some seriously cheesy effects in this movie that made me groan), Air Doll, Cole.

Films that I did not enjoy, in fact I feel asleep:
Eatrip and Cooking History.

It's funny, the films that I thought I would really enjoy (Eatrip and Cooking History) were really disappointing. I've said this to Jane many times, but the Korean Films I saw this year (Mother, Castaway on the Moon, and Breathless) were so strong and impressive, whimsical, bold, and just overall entertaining and enjoyable. I was surprised as well at "Ashes of American Flags". It's basically a Wilco show on screen and I thought it would be kind of boring, but because I respect the band, I felt like I should see it. I was surprised at when it ended, it was so abrupt, I wanted more, and it was just beautiful to look and listen to, and it made me listen to Wilco on repeat afterwards for a few days. Especially a specific minute of their song "At least that's what you said", new goal in life: learn that guitar part in that specific minute of "At least that's what you said". And the "Exploding Girl". It was very much like a hipster movie to me, it was visually beautiful, with beautiful hipster characters set in New York. But it's quietness and smallness won me over.

VIFF was definitely enjoyable this year.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Been busy making things.

Saw my last film today of the VIFF this year, The White Ribbon. In the movie, the daughter and son of the pastor have to wear a thick white ribbon in their hair or arm to remind them of their innocence and purity and to stop them from sinning and whatnot. It seemed like a punishment, a way of identifying that this child did something wrong and needs reminding of what they did wrong, but the ribbon was so beautiful that if I had to wear it, I'd probably just think about how pretty it is and not so much about how I was a bad kid. And apparently I guess the son and daughter were like this as well, but instead of thinking the ribbon was pretty, hrm, thought instead that torturing other kids would be actually pretty fun. You need to see the film to understand what I am saying or prove me totally wrong because I am not entirely sure as to what happened, I was wide awake and everything, even gripping my face at the intense scenes, but there was a lot of implied stuff that I can only guess at and would like to hear what you thought of it because I am not so sure and would really like to know.

Pow Wow

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Back to a place where we know we are loved.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This illustration was inspired by this:

The season finale of season 1 of Mad Men, The Wheel. Everything that was said to sell the idea to the client was just so achingly true and things that you know but were never really able to put in such a clear and eloquent way. What was said just resonated with me and nagged at me and I put it to paper.