Saturday, October 17, 2009

Films I saw this year at the VIFF:

Films that I enjoyed out of the ones I saw:
Mother, Castaway on the Moon, Ashes of American Flags, Breathless, The Exploding Girl, Mammoth, Punching the Clown, and The White Ribbon.

Films that I kind of enjoyed seeing:
An Education, Prom Night in Mississippi (there were some seriously cheesy effects in this movie that made me groan), Air Doll, Cole.

Films that I did not enjoy, in fact I feel asleep:
Eatrip and Cooking History.

It's funny, the films that I thought I would really enjoy (Eatrip and Cooking History) were really disappointing. I've said this to Jane many times, but the Korean Films I saw this year (Mother, Castaway on the Moon, and Breathless) were so strong and impressive, whimsical, bold, and just overall entertaining and enjoyable. I was surprised as well at "Ashes of American Flags". It's basically a Wilco show on screen and I thought it would be kind of boring, but because I respect the band, I felt like I should see it. I was surprised at when it ended, it was so abrupt, I wanted more, and it was just beautiful to look and listen to, and it made me listen to Wilco on repeat afterwards for a few days. Especially a specific minute of their song "At least that's what you said", new goal in life: learn that guitar part in that specific minute of "At least that's what you said". And the "Exploding Girl". It was very much like a hipster movie to me, it was visually beautiful, with beautiful hipster characters set in New York. But it's quietness and smallness won me over.

VIFF was definitely enjoyable this year.

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