Thursday, October 15, 2009

Been busy making things.

Saw my last film today of the VIFF this year, The White Ribbon. In the movie, the daughter and son of the pastor have to wear a thick white ribbon in their hair or arm to remind them of their innocence and purity and to stop them from sinning and whatnot. It seemed like a punishment, a way of identifying that this child did something wrong and needs reminding of what they did wrong, but the ribbon was so beautiful that if I had to wear it, I'd probably just think about how pretty it is and not so much about how I was a bad kid. And apparently I guess the son and daughter were like this as well, but instead of thinking the ribbon was pretty, hrm, thought instead that torturing other kids would be actually pretty fun. You need to see the film to understand what I am saying or prove me totally wrong because I am not entirely sure as to what happened, I was wide awake and everything, even gripping my face at the intense scenes, but there was a lot of implied stuff that I can only guess at and would like to hear what you thought of it because I am not so sure and would really like to know.

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