Team MeatHeist

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So something that has been holding a lot of my interest lately, is my first ever, fantasy football team at work.


Yes. I don't know anything about football, when it came to drafting, Tom just told me who to pick for my first two players and then I just picked what Yahoo told me to pick after that. Admittedly I haven't watched any of the games of this season on TV, so yes, I have jumped onto the football bandwagon. How come no one ever told me how much fun it was?! But hey, Frank Chimero (aka a great designer, and wait for this,) has a fantasy football team (never would have guessed it), and his is apparently doing pretty bad (which means, ha I would slaughter his team, because I am oddly, doing pretty well right now, but yah yah, it's the second week only). But holy crap, if winning isn't fun enough (won both of my match ups and possibly will win the rest, HA!) the NFL has the most hilarious players in the world. And so many of them have twitter accounts, and all of them have hilarious tweets. Specifically, Chad Ochocinco (#85, Wide Receiver for the Cinncinnati Bengals):

What is Chad Ochocinco doing with a pigeon? Gawd I love this guy. I don't know how to explain why I find these players to endearing, but they really are. I guess it's partly has to do with that I like watching people who really love what they are doing and are really committed to it. I also like when I can see aspects of their personalities, and a lot of these football players, they put their personalities completely out there (although I am sure this is the same with like basketball and hockey) and most of the time it's pretty funny.

I am really glad I did this. I was super hesitant at first, I don't really care about sports and to commit to something like fantasy football (you have to keep pretty up to date with it, who's injured, who's been suspended for a DUI or killing dogs or raping women, who's sucking, and who's not sucking) seemed really unappealing. But the prospect of smack talking and how fun it could be drew me in. And also everyone in my office was doing it not have done it, I would have looked really anti-social and yah yah.

So watch out, Team Meatheist is going And steal your meat.

PS, isn't my kicker (the last picture and the only white guy on my team) cute?! I and apparently also the Chiefs picked him last. I wonder if they picked him for the same reason I did? Because he had a good looking face? And can get me 7 points a week?


Friday, September 17, 2010

I feel like I haven't done personal work in a long while. I always want to and felt like it but could never really bring myself to do it. It's like when you feel like talking and you want to have a great conversation but you have nothing to say. Or you really feel like cooking but you can only find shitty non-interesting recipes. Or you want to read a really good book but everything seems boring and long. Or you want to see a really good movie but you've seen a lot of the good movies and begin to get indecisive with the amount of choice thereafter (mystery, drama, romance, comedy, sci fi, and so on). I am hoping that while all this wanting and then not doing anything, that even though I'm not doing something, that I'm at least absorbing whatever is happening so that when it finally comes time that I make something, eat something, read something, watching something, talk about something, that it is somewhat informed and fulfilling and if I am lucky, meaningful.

I've also had a hard time with the idea of making stuff. Where does it all end up, what's the point, etc, etc. And I still have a hard time with it and maybe that's part of the satisfying thing of making something of your own, working through these personal misgivings and at least coming out with something. Something that is yours.

And this here, is mine.

fickle things.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I did on my week off:
Maggie is leaving for far off places for who knows how long, so Jane and I had a goodbye dinner for her. At this dinner we destroyed a very big dish of lasagna. 

Ate pulled bbq sandwiches and pie.

With these guys:

Sean rolled through town. He was pretty tired.

Jane and I have been going to the Kitsilano Farmers Market the past couple of Sundays. We shared this amazing nutella brioche. Oh my gawd.

I have discovered my most favorite peach, the white champagne peach: 

I always liked the idea of peaches, and thought they were nice and all and appreciated them, but I always found the yellow ones a bit on the tart side, making it hard to fall in love with them. But these peaches, just sweet and juicy, I do, do love these. 

I turned 23.

And this is what I looked like for most of the end of that night, rolling around on the floor, laughing uncontrollably.