Celebration/Extremely Dreamy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

For the most part, September, you rule.

Today is Joel's, the owner of Tangelwood and Brigid's books, birthday. It is also the third anniversary of Brigid's Books, celebrate! I made him a little card and also bought some truffles from Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France which Tobias and I stumbled upon while walking on Main Street. I had the dreamiest truffle there, it was a black currant tea truffle, the instant I stuck it in my mouth I was amazed at how fruity it was (I find with a lot of truffles that it says it tastes like something, but it rarely ever does, and if it does, it's too subtle for my unrefined palate) and how SOFT! Truffles are usually kind of hard because it is dipped in chocolate, but this lady just rolled it in cocoa powder, and gosh it melted so nice in my mouth.

Man I am still dreaming and thinking about it.

I am not exaggerating here, but that truffle was almost...revelatory! It tasted so good that it is now my standard for a good truffle, how they should be, soft, intense, and uh...extremely dreamy.