Thursday, September 24, 2009

I started a Tumblr that keeps a record of all the books I have been reading. Having buttloads of time at the book store has increased the amount of books I am reading, and I have all this information, and I feel like I need to do something with it. Hence, I present with excitement:


I just post what books I read, sometimes do an accompanying illustration with my favorite sentence/passage from that book and the story of how I got to the book. It was inspired completely by Ken Tsui's tumblr, Habitual Viewer, where he documents what films he is watching. Seeing all the film stills in one place, it looked so beautiful, so important, even though it is so small and brief, it is so loaded! And most importantly, it made me want to see all the films he was watching. I wanted to do the same thing, just post the cover of the book I read and my then write my favorite sentence and leave it at that and let the viewer think whether or not the book seems interesting or not. But gah! I just couldn't! I feel this incredible need to tell people why I chose the book, how I got to the book, because I like knowing that kind of stuff, and I like telling that kind of stuff. I will kind of draw the line (even though I think I already kinda crossed it) at telling you whether or not the book is good and worthwhile. You can decide that for yourself because I did when I found all of these books.

Um, so unless kind of otherwise noted, the illustrations that accompany the book covers are done by myself. Um yep!

And we start Books Read with the lovely Dorothy Parker and Ms. Judith Jones.

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