Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An exploration of diamonds.

I was talking to this guy one time about how I really liked the one song by Broken Social Scene, Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day). And he's like, "Oh yeah, that one's great" and then sang a line from that song, and I don't know if he's completely misheard the song or if I misheard him, but I thought he sang, "Diamonds ain't never turning to dust." Even though it's completely wrong and I don't think there is a Broken Social Scene song with that line, it's quite beautiful to me nonetheless. I find that this happens often with Broken Social Scene (like with KC Accidental, I made up alll the lyrics to that song), but I know it's common to mishear songs and you end up with your own version of your lyrics that you grow to love but eventually forget once you learn the correct ones (and you try so hard to remember what you started with, but can never really get back to it).

Nice weather we've been having?

I saw this movie tonight:

A Serious Man. And there were some parts where I had no idea what was going on and why that scene was there and so forth. It was kind of a choppy experience, there's parts where I could understand and I enjoyed, then it would get kind of strange and I had no idea what the director was implying, and then it would go back to understanding, and maybe that was the whole idea of the film, I don't know. But um maybe if you've seen it you could explain the beginning, end, and a bunch of other parts to me?


Azendel said...

Serious man was awesome, love the coen brothers. The problem is that is was very much an insider film. I saw it with my Father and sister, we couldnt contain ourselves for most of the movie. The Bar Mitzvah scene was near verbatim to mine. Including talking to a rabbi after the fact who quoted a rock song, though in my case it was the grateful dead. My dad remarked that this was the most spot on interpretation of what it was like to be Jewish in the 50's.

Tobias said...

Definitely like the blue with coloured dots in the middle the most. Time to expand and play with your typography a little bit.

And yes, god have I made up lyrics to songs when couldn't remember the real ones :)