Olly Moss and Charlotte X.C. Sullivan

Monday, December 29, 2008

from Olly Moss

I really enjoy the work of this guy, a what a wonderful name too, Olly Moss. What I really loved about these posters is that they explain the plot of the movie elegantly and clearly and through few visual elements.

And I really like the work of this girl, Charlotte X.C. Sullivan:

Bubble Drawings: 'Ink mixed with soapy water. Bubbles dry on paper. Opposites attract.'

Superbowl Drawings: 'Gesture drawings made while watching the Superbowl on TV.'

Some things

451 Degrees: 'Book baked at 451 Degrees in the oven. Page opened to 137.'

Such simple ideas that lead to interesting and complex outcomes.

Almost New Year!

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