Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last final full day in Vancouver:

Jane and I first went to Huang's Noodle House. It was really cold in there.

Since we were so close to Little India, I decided I would have an Indian Sweets night and buy a whole bunch of Indian sweets and make chai. The sweets all looked so amazing and the guy described them in a very frank and non descriptive way, basically saying that most of them were pistachio and almond, or just almond, or just pistachio...or milk! And I just wasn't getting why some of them were pink, and he said it was just for colour. I thought there was a bit more to it then that, but errrmm.

Most of them were awffuuullll. So sweet and they all tasted the same. Some general rules we came up with when it comes to Indian Sweets:
1. They look really good
2. The more colourful they are, the more fake and awful tasting they are
3. You only really need to eat like 1/4 of one sweet before you start feeling sick
4. Rice Pudding is the way to go when it comes to Indian Desserts, forgo all the things you see here, but I have to admit, I like the donut or cake balls that are soaked in syrup.

I got this bell at Value Village (along with a bowl and a blazer!). I was watching this interview one time of Emily Haines from Metric talking about her Canadian flag pin and how it only looks cool when worn outside of Canada, like in Tokyo (where the interview was taking place) and it made me think how this bell only looks cool (at least to me) in Vancouver. In Calgary, it would just look a bit retarded because of the redundancy, but in Vancouver, it's...a charming redudancy!

I think at least.

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