Monday, December 15, 2008


Winter break is finally here.

I am so glad and the things that I thought would be embarrassing (i.e. my grad project) are so far from my mind that I don't even really remember what I did and why. I guess it's kind of sad, but I have faith that I'll do something a bit more worthwhile for myself for spring. I think what went wrong for me this semester with my grad project is that I got really lazy. I got overwhelmed by the amount of research required for my project, and instead of trudging through it and trying to be focused, I tried to get focus by finding easy ways out, which included just making the first thing that came to my mind so that I could finish the project with as little hassle as possible. Since I didn't really want to figure out half of my grad project, I relied heavily on other people's opinions and ideas and rarely went that far with my own.


so far:


interrupting andy's shower:

lunch with jane:

cookbooks with ribbons have to be one of the best things evaarrrr.

Postcards from Portugal by Tessa Kiros

The Silver Spoon

I am off to Calgary on Wednesday and I come back to Vancouver on January 4 TWO THOUSAND AND NINE.


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