Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh man.

So I have finally just finished setting up my portfolio website with Indexhibit and I am so relieved. It took me a long time because I had no idea what I was doing, and even though the instructions were incredibly straightforward, I still ran into a whole bunch of problems (404's galore) and it was incredibly frustrating and disheartening because everyone else can do it and I am such a web retard.

But it's up. Nothing's on it though but I shall link it when it does.

So I am in Calgary and it is insanely cold, today I was only outside for maybe 15 minutes, and my toes went numb in a minute and I thought there was a great possibility that they could turn black.

I have kept true to my winter list agenda and have watched Planet Earth and wow it is so great. I am so fascinated by the camera crew and their ability to film all these elusive creatures doing such animal things. I just watched the one about the polar bears and it was depressing. It was so sad to watch the polar bear attack the walrus and be defeated and have to sit RIGHT next to them and slowly starve to death. Yes. I was talking to my friend Rachel Tomei (who is studying Primates at the University of Calgary):

(Rachel is on the right, Harrison Rampp, on the left)

And she thinks that the polar bears will for sure go extinct, and possibly within the next 5 years. I was kind of surprised by this because it's such a short amount of time, and I just can't imagine it happening, but I guess at this rate it will.

Well in another news.

I bought the new album from Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue (10 dollars!)

I've only listened to half of it, but I think the packaging for the cd is interesting. Instead of having a little booklet inside with lyrics, thanks yous, and pictures of the band and whatnot, there are 4, 3x3 inch pictures of Lewis and her band members in black and white with a white border. It was a surprise, a nice one, but as nice as it was, I didn't really get what she was trying to get at. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe I just need to actually listen to the album a bit harder.

My family and I went over to a family friend's house for a christmas dinner and we played a gift exchange game and we ended up with an ice fishing rod, a starbucks gift card, a sears gift card, and pickled peppers, onions, gum, and frero rochers. My brother absolutely loves the fishing rod, and at the end of the night, there was karaoke, and it was dominated by the filipinos there. They were very good singers and I sang along, which really annoyed my brother.

I think I will be sleeping in tomorrow and possibly going to the Glenbow Museum (a museum that I haven't been to since I was maybe 7, and all I can remember are exhibits about pioneers and Native Americans) to see a Marilyn Monroe exhibit.

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