Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trip is winding down, I'll be back in Van on the day before the big ol' 2010.

It sure has been nice here in Kuala Lumpur spending time with my family, drinking milk tea (both HOT and COLD!), being in hot weather (and not sweating too hard, something that I am kind of proud of, ahaaaaa) and just experiencing and navigating a new city.

A lonely mall.

This little girl was beautiful!

Hey Van did you miss my face (leaf face!?), cause I kinda missed yours. See ya soon tree face!


Azendel said...

hey do you have more of the lonely mall? I've been trying to collect photos of dead urban spaces for an ongoing project I've been working on.

Ellen said...

sorry Zendel, nope, that's the only one I have, good luck this this project though!