Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So I am back in Kuala Lumpur now after being in Singapore for a few days. It's a pretty dialed city (although it has a hilariously weird national symbol), public transport is awesome (so noticeable after being in Kuala Lumpur), everything works, makes sense, you know, dialed.

So here's what part of it looked like:

Hm I went to the Toy Museum (one of the top 5 most interesting museums in Singapore according to one website! lol)

Isn't this Batman compass so cool?! I want one so bad! I'd never ever get lost again! And I would also possibly be able to fight crime as well.

Seeing so many old toys was interesting, but once you get past that, and you start thinking about how this museum came into being, a guy who collected a buttload of toys and then his wife donated them to the city, I don't know, I felt like, what kind of guy spends this amount of money and time on toys? I couldn't decide if the guy was insanely weird and a bit out of touch, or just really appreciative in an extremely healthy way.

The museum reminded me of my ...hahaha....beanie baby collection. Ah god! I have sooooo many beanie babies, I got totally caught up in that hype when I was in junior high. I wonder by the time I die if I will amass an even larger beanie baby collection (unlikely though, I haven't bought a beanie baby since I was like 13) and my husband will donate it to say...Calgary and there will be the first ever beanie baby museum and it will be 11 dollars to get in (that's how much this museum costed!) Ah god culture at it's finest!

I also went to the Singapore National Museum. As you may have noticed I saw a lot of museums. This museum was surprisingly good (I tend to think "National" museums are pretty...dull and uninspired). It talked about Singapore's history in food, film, fashion, and other things and it also had some non permanent exhibitions that were well done as well. What was also good about this museum were the explanations for the pieces, really well articulated, enlightening points.

Hey uh, everyone from Clement's third year spring semester core, Plan B 3.0 exhibit, ha uh, holla? Kind of makes the jars in the Plan B 3.0 exhibit look very...homey. Anyways. These jars were super beautiful! They displayed ingredients found in Singapore cooking, and there were some jars where you pulled this thing and you could smell what was inside. So wonderfully interactive! I love smelling food things!

Okay there's more to Singapore that I have to show (later, these mosquito bites I just got are killing me and it's hard to concentrate) and it involves this guy:


Talk soon friends!

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