Saturday, December 26, 2009

So this is what happened on my last day in Singapore:
David was totally awesome and drove (DROVE!) me around and showed me stuff:

What! David Lang drives? Yes it's true! AND! Not only that, talking on a cell phone at the same time! Remarkable.

In front of the door...where we met...David's...GRANDMA!

An educational theme park, Haw Par Villa:

I think all of what you see in Haw Par Villa is painted by hand...with a noticeably small paint brush...

This was hands down the most weird/disturbing thing in the park for me, I still feel very physically weird looking at this thing. The point of the park is to instill buddhist morals and whatnot into you, and my dad said that this thing is to remind men that beautiful women (or hookers I can't remember) can be treacherous and to be a moral man. Uh yeah! I am totally a moral man now.

Driving around aimlessly, we ended up at this awesome beach where there was windsurfing, the water was so warm, and was such a nice way to end the day and say goodbye to Singapore with.

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