Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today I ate crab with family that I haven't seen in six years. They visited my house in Calgary before coming to Vancouver and my youngest cousin, the one who likes to have his picture taken and repeats everything you say, he was able to comb the hair on my dog. Only my mom combs my dog (mostly I think cause she's the only one that is willing to do it, wants to do it, but partly because my dog only really likes it when she does it). My dog does not get along with people, can be kind of vicious (the vet had sent a letter recommending she be euthinized because my dog almost bit a nurse) and as cute looking as she is, really isn't very nice to anyone but my mom, dad, brother, and I. It is nerve wracking to have people stick their hand in front of her, asking to be sniffed and allowing them to touch her, luckily they pull away fast enough when she growls. For her to allow this boy to comb her, I think there's something kind of special about this kid, he won her heart, and even though I only saw him for an hour or so, mine too.

His older brother is cute too! Has a nice quietness to him, the kind that is okay with just listening and allowing his younger brother to take all of the attention and be the eccentric one. He plays clarinet and soccer and is very tall.

My uncle was saying that what my mom orders for dinner is very different from what he would order. She orders things with more vegetables. And what he and her order is different from what their other brother would order and so on (my mom has...4 siblings). I thought that was kind of nice. You could tell who's dinner belonged to who.

I rode the new Canada line to meet them and gosh it felt really cool and exciting! And then I began imagining if I were in charge of putting sky train lines in Vancouver, I thought about where I'd put them and whether they'd be underground or above and when.

Above mostly.


Unknown said...

Having the job of putting skytrains in would be awful, not matter what people are going to hate you.

Jane said...

no way, subway rules.

whitlyyanta said...

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