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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am so very elated and overjoyed about this:

Josh sent me a bunch of his book that I designed and typeset today to sell at the bookstore(s) that I work at and even though he was telling me that there were some little problems with it, I still love it, flaws and all. I think it's because every bit of the design is mine and when something is yours, if anyone were to knock it, yah it might hurt for a second because getting dissed sucks, but who cares, you made this whole entire thing, and no one can really take that away from you. The book of course represents a lot of things to me and that's probably why I am excited about it, it's the start of something between Josh, Sean, and I, it's the culmination of years of something, it's a validation of something, and man it's just so fucking cool.

So! If you would like a copy drop by Brigid's Books (Bayswater and Broadway) or Tanglewood Books (Fir and Broadway) and talk to me!

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CooperStupor said...

Congratulations! I'd like to see it. Talk to you about the poster later, as it's easier in person.