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Sunday, September 21, 2008

man, this week has gone by fast. along with the week before that, and the one before that too. it's nice but it feels like i haven't done enough. here's what i've done/eaten/seen:

This has been my favorite meal this week. Pasta with sauteed chanterelle mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms with freshly grated parmesan on top. Godd! This is the first fall ever that I've eaten chanterelle mushrooms, and I am not really tasting what the big deal is about these things. I like the porcini, but the chanterelle. Hmm. I think that needs more consideration.
The book in the corner is the new David Sedaris book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames. I had been wanting that book for quite some time and vowed to only buy it at a used bookstore . One day, Jane and I were passing by one and there it was on display, but at that moment, someone picked it up and started looking through it. Jane and I just stood there and watched him, waiting to see if he would buy it or not. She told me I should just go up to him and ask if he was going to get it, and I thought that be kind of weird and too confrontational, but I guess it's even more weird to watch someone without them knowing. He didn't notice and ended up putting the book back on the shelf and me and Jane ran in and she told him we were watching him the entire time. He kind of laughed and said "Oh."

I saw Okkervil River on Thursday. And man! Seriously! I love this band. I first heard them through my ex-boyfriend in high school, and I thought they were good, but I couldn't really see what my ex-boyfriend saw in them that was so great. Then I saw them this summer in Calgary at the Sled Island Music Festival and something just clicked. When they played the songs I liked, it was like when you have a craving for dill chips and when you get the dill chips, it is the most satisfying and completing feeling in the whole wide world at that moment. And I think it was also that I thought at one point that the band was pretentious and one dimensional and too sad and intellectual for me, but when they played live, they looked happy, they look like they loved what they were playing and their later albums are way different from what I heard in high school.
But anyways. The show on Thursday was fun and I screamed and there were times where I was bursting with happiness and it was wonderful.

I went to the farmer's market in Kitsilano today and I ended up buying a pecan bar (along with 2 other bars and a bunch of chocolates), and god it was so good. I am now obsessed with bars and I shall be making them some time soon and maybe if you're lucky and I know you, I'll most likely give you some too. And hey did you know that ivy plants are bad because they choke out local plants? and that they totally dry out the soil underneath them and they are absolutely horrible in vancouver and we should never plant them again? Anyways. I ran into Hamza there and he sat with me while I ate a buckwheat crepe that had smoked salmon, dill, onion, greens and tomatoe (oh gooosh).

A poster submission for the Alcuin Awards that I am working on.

Hope your week was swell and went at a speed that was enjoyable.


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we're having a chanterelle mushroom recipe contest and would love to have you enter your pasta recipe (or another favorite)! The prize is 2 lbs. of fresh chanterelles. Check it out at

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