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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i went to calgary for a couple of weeks.

In my parent's backyard there is a raspberry bush. It's not nearly as big as the one at old other house, we used to have so many that we would give some to the neighbors. Neighbors who had a compost which apparently smelled really bad and turned my parents off of composting.


During the ghost tour, there was this Calgary hospitality channel filming the tour, and the light on their camera was insanely bright and gave me a headache.

long island ice teas!

harrison in a parking lot. there is a story behind this parking lot. so it is called the 'James Short' Parking lot, because it is named after that guy. Anyways. This parking lot is located in Chinatown. Back in the day (like 1900's), Chinatown used to be located somewhere else in downtown Calgary, and the big business people of Calgary wanted to get rid of it because I guess they hated the chinese. But of course the chinese didn't go away and made Chinatown somehwere else. One of the big business people that wanted the chinese out was James Short, and his parking lot is right in the middle of chinatown. So I'm not too sure how he feels about that.

"Pretend to be laughing"

Calgary was all about getting into music again. I want to record songs!
For the most part I like going back to Calgary. But it's kind of weird. It's supposed to be home, but the thing with home is that you have set in your mind as something, and when it's slightly different, it's a bit jaring and takes a bit of getting used to, which is something you weren't quite planning on. What I mean is that you think you're going to go eat your favorite duck at this restaurant, but that restaurant closed because the cook is too old and wants to retire. Sometimes I would like things to stay the same. But I guess that's how it goes and really, what am I expecting anyways and new sort of interesting things fill up what seem to disappear and change.

Oh yah I went bowling and got 130 points! That was another highlight of Calgary.

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