Monday, September 29, 2008

I got this Lykke Li (Youth Novels LP) album in the used section in Zulu Records. I feel incredibly happy when I find cds that I want to buy in the used section. I guess anyone does. There's other times where I wonder why people give up such good cds, I know it's that they don't like it for some reason, but I really wonder what the reason is, most of the time I just think that they bought the cd impetuously and realized it was shitty and returned it. But sometimes things need a bit of sticking out.

These are the books that I am currently 'reading' at the moment. Whenever I go to the library, I always go to the graphic novel section and find books that I haven't read yet. allllwwaaays. You can count on that.
I visited UBC farm and I thought this was the most fascinating thing there (aside from chickens and nice plants and whatnot). PIPECLEANER BUGS!

The movies I have seen so far at the VIFF. They were somewhat enjoyable.

I was talking to Andy today about how exhausted and busy I have been lately. And he asked why and I told him about my days and it kind of felt like he didn't believe me. And I was also telling a teacher how busy I felt and she just sort of nodded and smiled. And I thought about it, and I realized that whenever someone else tells me that they've been busy, I kind of only half believe them. I always thought you're never really 'busy' and you can make a choice to make time for stuff. And with these past few weeks, I realize I was a sort of an unsympathetic non-understanding jerk and that people do get busy because they take on things that they really want to do and there's just not enough time to do all the things you want to do when you want to do it. And I guess that's when values come into play, you have to really know what you want to do so that you don't spend time on things that are just well, a waste of time.

This week I have decided has been a big jumble. And I know that parts of it have been great, but I want to remember weeks more than as a jumble.

Oh and friends visited from Calgary, AB and we sat at Tim Hortons and played Dutch Blitz and it was a nice way to start the day. My friend was saying how another friend is absolutely 'bonkers' for his new girlfriend. And for some reason that sentence just stuck in my head the whole day. I haven't heard the word 'bonkers' in a sentence in...forever, or ever. I thought it was endearing and so...goofy.

I hope you have a good start/end of the day.

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Unknown said...

I am sorry if I sounded like I didn't believe you! haha!