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Monday, June 21, 2010

delicious nights:

'za (Recipe from here). Lucky for you and me, this recipe is pretty easy and makes the annoyance that is making pizza nonexistent.

Hamza made a whole lamb and a bunch of people were there.

Something I made for a show:

I don't know if this poster is being used for the show still, this could be false advertising, I could have, ha made a submission for the wrong thing. But no, I think at least this part's right: there will be an art show at Straw Gallery (in Calgary...1506 6th Street SW) during Sled Island (starting on June 29th) and the theme of the show is "Garage Sale". So go if you are in Calgary, yah? I heard there's going to be gutted amps, electronics, and a bunch of other crazy things on display.

And man, who came up with glitter? And who thought of giving it to kids? As much as I like it, glitter is night-marish, it gets everywhere! Just when you think it's gone, there it is, refusing to get off.

Just like other things.

Like caked on food on the bottom of pans.

And this and that.

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