Thursday, June 3, 2010

So I was in Calgary for a bit and this is what the weather was like:

And this is what Calgary was like this time around:
One of the main reasons I was there:

Yes this is probably true.

Said probably best pizza in the milkway galaxy. 
This however is not possibly true. I had a piece of the Hawaiian pizza. Tasted pretty hammy. This is Josh and he is Jewish and not allowed to eat pork. He ate spaghetti and meatballs and bread instead. 
A painting that Sean and I played around with. I did the tiny dots. Sean did the big ones.

Something beside a really great mural that Sean MacAlister did behind The Coup restaurant:
Photo courtesy of Sean's facebook. 

<3 my dog
Hey Vancouver. 


Jane said...

You mean you had a piece of Hawiian pizza!

Ellen said...

huh? Yes. I did. And it was good? I am confused by your comment!

Jane said...
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Jane said...

Look at your "we do not use pork" picture closely. Very closely.