vacation from a vacation.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Josh came into town and this is what it kind of looked like:

Ah god my favorite mac and cheese recipe with kale salad (super good balanced combo!)

Josh and I must have gone to almost every possible used book store in Vancouver (which is my way to pass the time). Here is the stack that I ended up with. A sort of mission was to get all the Murakami books, nearly there, but not completely. I am most excited to read, Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami...the guy who sold me it told me he doesn't like Murakami in general, but this book, this book was fantastic. And also I am really looking forward to the Raymond Chandler books as well (inspiration for Bored to Death!)

I am pretty specific about what I buy in a used book store. Usually if it's a modern classic/classic, I will only buy it based on the cover, because those books are usually a dime a dozen, so might as well pick the best looking one. I loooove first editions. Especially if they are first editions designed by Chip Kidd. Some used book stores sell new books along the used books and you'll never see me buying those new books. I try at all costs to buy that book used, and really if I am too impatient and can't wait, I'd buy it on Amazon.

While in the bookstores the things I was looking for (aside from what you see here) were Shirley Jackson, L.P Hartley's "The Go Between", John Wyndham, and Chuck Klosterman's "Downtown Owl". A topic of conversation in many of the bookstores was the folding of Duthie's, and I just cannot get over the insane rent that the place had to pay, 16 THOUSAND DOLLARS! A! MONTH! What! WHAT! WHHHAAATTT!!! That's insane.

It's funny, Josh came here for a vacation, and I totally felt like I was on vacation as well (even though I've been on vacation since like October), and it felt really good and really nice and yeah if you didn't know it already, vacations rule.


David Lang said...

those top down pictures are really cool

Ellen said...

giant/tall person perspective!