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Monday, January 18, 2010

Okay. So confession. Or not really even. I really like the movie Jerry Maguire. Yes it's cheesy and like, man Ellen, you have no taste, but there's something about it that completely kills me, especially one scene, which I wrote out above (you can read all of the key Jerry Maguire quotes here, the one that I wrote out is like the 2nd last one). I just love the characters, Cuba Gooding Jr. and his whole pursuit of "the kwan" and there are some things that are said in the movie that I completely take to heart! AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Or not. Free will!

I also really enjoy a song from the movie as well, "Secret Garden" by Bruce Springsteen, you don't have to watch the video (in fact I recommend that you don't cause it kills the good movie that is Jerry Maguire), just listen to it. Every time I do it really reminds me of junior high and sitting around and watching movies like this and guiltily/surprisingly (and thus indulgently) really enjoying it and almost saying/thinking, like screw anything that's "cool" this "terrible" movie rules and there's nothing no one can do to change that.

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