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Monday, January 5, 2015

Bali again for the last couple of months:

My dad came out for a day for his friend's wedding out in Uluwatu (an area on the cliffs of Bali with a lot of surfing and real nice sunsets). It was an Indonesian Chinese Christian wedding. What does that look like? Like a normal one (I was hoping for something crazier). But with Indonesian food (which is crazy enough I guess in this case). And for some reason they had a pair of rabbits in a cage at the entrance:

Obviously I loved that.

We let off balloons at the end of the night. They asked my dad to say something at the wedding. He was totally unprepared and has clearly not seen enough rom coms, because what he said had to be the most hilariously whatever thing I've heard at a wedding, that it was like, is this even a wedding speech.

 Some serious amount of selfies going on that night.

In Uluwatu there are all these cotton trees. You see the pods hanging from them, some in tact, others split open with the cotton bursting from them, looking funny, like crazy grandma wigs hanging.

A jackfruit tree. I really fell in love with jackfruit this time around. Back in Van, one of my absolute favorite things to have at Phnom Penh was a jackfruit mooshake. That has nothing on the real thing. Have you ever had fruit by the foot? The red one? To me that was the best thing you could possibly have at lunch in elementary school. If I could have existed on only those, I would have. In fact I felt like I could. Anyways - jackfruit, when it's at its best, tastes like that. So fulfillingly sweet and makes you super stoked on fruit.

On the drive over to taking this picture (I was on my motorbike), an Indonesian dude saw me, made a u turn, started following me and asked if I wanted him to be my gigolo. Uh no. There was also a storm coming. And I had to race home to beat the rain ("big rain"). I also felt like the gigolo dude was following me (not cool). The sky was so grey and made the colors so much more vibrant on the way home. It was also a Balinese holiday, so there were all these decorations and people running about. I can't tell you enough how good it felt to get home just before it started pouring and without a gigolo.

 My neighbor's cat. Suzuki. I like that sometimes he stops by.

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