A Brief Bit of Winter: Seoul

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just went to Seoul recently:
Jane is/was there for a month doing work and I take any opportunity to see friends (especially best ones) if there anywhere in Asia and make them hang out with me (side note: say hi if you're around!) My mom (who watched Korean dramas quite avidly), came out halfway through the trip.
I had been to Seoul before to visit Jane 7 years back. I went in the middle of summer and melted. And also didn't quite appreciate where I was (Jane and I had also gone to Japan in the middle of my visit and after that, Seoul just seemed to pale by comparison).

This time around, it was freezing. For me at least. For everyone there it was nothing. It was the first bit of winter that I've felt at an appropriate winter time in awhile. It was nice to experience that again, to remember seasons and the feelings that come with them, the dreariness of winter (but all the coziness that comes with trying to keep warm), the relief of spring and the feeling of beginnings, the long days of hot summer heat, and the crispness of fall.

Because it was so cold and because I am so lazy, I barely made a dent in what Seoul had to offer this time around. But what I did get to see and experience of it, it was great and I thought over and over what a thoughtful city it was (it seems to have something for everything!) Also that the socks, packaging, makeup, and stationary game is so out of control and that I wanted it all.

Me blending in really well.

Style Nanda flagship store in Hongdae.

There's a photobooth at the store that is FREE and prints the photos as quick as you take them. When we discovered this, Jane and I went nuts. These are just half of the photos that we took. If you're going to go, go in the early afternoon on a Monday. No one is there (for obvious reasons haha) and you can hog the photobooth for as long as you like.

Seoul is still a great source of Engrish.

The best pork belly Jane and I went to - crispy but still thick and fatty and juicy. Whewwwwwwww.

Dog adoption day.

Korean sushi pyramid power

Went to a dog cafe.

 Tiny series "Things held in Ellen's hand in Seoul":

Banana milk. Drink of choice from convenience stores in Seoul. It actually kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and I had taken antibiotics that were banana flavored and it was actually really delicious. I have yet to have an antibiotic taste as good as that one. But luckily for me (and you!) there's a drink in Seoul (and I'm pretty sure in the rest of Asia as well, but there's something about having banana milk there) where I can taste that taste and not ingest antibiotics.


Even though it was cold, I'm still going to eat a cream cheese ice cream macaron sandwich. No regrets, it was great.

Blood bag pomegranate juice.

When I was researching things to do in Seoul, someone said you should get your tarot cards read there. I thought it was funny, but that I'd probably never get the opportunity to. But we were walking around in an area (that was so cute and pretty that it made my heart hurt) and stumbled upon a tarot card reading place. It was cold out and we used it as an excuse to get warm. Or not actually, I want to know what is in my Korean tarot card future. Jane translated for me. I was feeling kind of nervous during the reading - but it ended up being pretty good. Who knows she could just be sugar coating it, but basically if I work harder, love harder, and not let stress get to me (lol all really obvious and vague things, but whatever, it's good to be reminded of it), I totally got 2015 in the bag.


janis said...

awesome photos! you captured the city so well.

Ellen said...

Aw thanks Janis! Really enjoyed your photos of Turkey and Morocco. Looking forward to seeing more.