Bali: Here for Awhile

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Went back to Bali for a couple of months. Snaps:

The most perfect orange.

Side of the road satay setup.

They love to burn things here.

This dog is adorable. I love how his ears just flop like that. He's an old one, always kind of in the way when I need to get out, moving at the slowest pace when he realizes he needs to move.

Insane low tide.

My neighbor's cat, Suzuki. My neighbor was driving along a rode and saw two guys pulled over, looking at their car. He asked what was wrong and they said that they thought they heard a meowing coming from inside. They looked and there was this tiny kitten hidden in the engine. When my neighbor held up the tiny thing, he's like, "AH, SUZUKI!" (the car in which the kitten was found was a Suzuki). Really sweet cat. He does this thing where when he's super comfortable, he begins sucking his tail (you can kind of notice in this picture where at the end the tail isn't fluffy) - it is quite the thing to see.

Even though I was in Bali for a longer period of time, I don't have that much to show. I got into a routine, was trying to root myself a bit more. For the time being I have decided to base myself here and go back and forth to Singapore (where my parents are) and to other places I am curious about in Asia. It's odd. I never even planned on coming to Bali. And I never planned on staying past the initial month I came. And I'm not nearly as in love with it as other people who live here longterm, but here I am and if you're ever in Bali or Singapore, do say hello.

We can eat $3 lunches, laugh at getting candy as change, marvel (in both awe and amusement) at the amount of ceremonies there are (from a baby turning 3 months old, to blessing surfboards, motorbikes, and kitchen utensils), get real sweaty and tanned, ride through rice fields on a motorbike to the beach, say hello to the nice guys who run the surfboard rental at the beach and make silly jokes that only they really find funny, surf waves early in the morning (and watch all the surf schools scream at their students, "PADDLEPADDLEPADDLEPADDLE, UUUUUUUUUUUUP!" and then they proceed to scream and laugh some more), drink coconuts, see a Bali healer (with the surname 'Circus') who has the one weird eye and makes lewd jokes (and proceeds to profusely say, just kidding, just kidding) but does somehow manage to fix that one spot without even asking, hang out with many dogs and cats, hang out with my very sweet neighbors (who feel like the true definition of the word in all the best ways) and on and on and on.

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