Forever Friends: Hong Kong

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

After Taipei, my mom and I stopped in Hong Kong for a few days for my cousin's wedding banquet.

I've been to Hong Kong a good handful of times now. Even though the buildings are just as run down and grimy in Taipei and the air is also hot and humid, and the consumerism and amount of people is dizzying, it felt good to be there, feeling so familiar and new. I guess cause I went to Hong Kong when I was young and each time I went, it was the bomb. Back then I was in love with Sailor Moon and there was Sailor Moon stuff everywhere (I got a Sailor Moon denim jacket that I hope is still buried away at my parent's house somewhere). I remember also meeting and playing with a collie for the first time and it was the best thing ever (I was young okay!) Also riding my grandma's bike in, I don't really know how to describe it, backyard is a stretch, but this tiny bit of concrete that surrounded her little house. I pretended I was a delivery person (that somehow really appealed to me). Eating instant noodles with sliced hot dogs for the first time and those flavors completely blowing my mind. Drinking cream soda with milk. Finding out I had relatives and that they were so nice to be around. Watching Titanic before it came out in Canada on an illegal cd! That stuff made me fall in love with Hong Kong and I am forever its loyal friend.

Anyways, not much to show, but here's some funny things:

This cat was the most pleasant surprise ever. I had no idea he existed and he was so close to our hotel (so we got to see him everyday twice a day). 

His woman companion.

Droopy ice cream from what had to be the most unimpressed and bored ice cream man ever with the cutest ice cream truck.

Food at my cousin's wedding banquet. Mannnnn traditional Chinese wedding banquets are quite the sight to see. 

Until next time Hong Kong! xo! 

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