Big Sur

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jane and I took a roadtrip to Big Sur at the beginning of September, here are some snaps:

Dessert buffet at this godawful truck stop restaurant in Oregon called "Country Pride". Don't make the same mistake and go there. And also don't make the same mistake of ordering chicken fried steak with hash. 

Funny contrast: what we ordered at Tartine with Andy and Vivian in San Francisco. We stayed with these guys for a couple of days (thanks again!) and had some good hangs and ate such delicious food.

Big Sur. 

Beaches in Big Sur are so windy and this is what we always looked like there:


Tent setup. This was the best spot - right on the cliff overlooking the ocean, waves lulling you to sleep. We got this spot thanks to Jane being totally on the ball.

Oregon Coast. Gotta say, it's really beautiful along there, almost even moreso then Big Sur. The beaches were a whole lot less windy and the colors were somehow nicer shades. And man, when it rained and the fog rolled in, everything would become so much more saturated and so moody and twin peaks-y, it was so great.

Ace hotel in Portland. We were there to see The National.

Jane asked me what drew me so much to Big Sur and I told her that from what I've heard, it's this really nice place that seems to restore and heal a lot of people that go there. And I would say that us going there and driving and camping a lot on the way, it made me see that I could do so much more then I thought I could and yes, it was really beautiful and I am glad that I got to do it all with her.

xo Big Sur September 2013.

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