Elephant Cutlet

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alex and Ken are doing a pop up restaurant at a space over by Crab Park. It's called Elephant Cutlet and the name and concept was inspired in part by this. They were really inspired by Ludwig Bemelmans, the author/illustrator of the cute little Madeline books. This is my sort of homage to Bemelmans. I think this poster is really funny - the shapes are supposed to be really abstract pieces of meat, one of them kind of looks like a severed elephant trunk, but I was more going for a rack of ribs.

Also, I think it's worth showing the other direction that I proposed for the poster:

This is the more elegant, sort of mysterious version - because the dinner is a pop up and at a sort of obscure place. But the boys chose the first direction - wanting to be whimsy and getting away from the "coolness" typically seen in design in the restaurant industry.

Fine by me!

Anyways - come out to the dinner - it's simple, delicious home food and it'll be really cozy and affordable - and oh yah, I'll be there and it be nice to see your faces!

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