Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week off time:

Ate this inaptly named candy ("Melon Almond Candy", Almond, yes, Melon, no). But it was delicious (slightly sweet, chewy, gummy, and almondy, yum). Someone tell me where I can buy these in bulk (the store I bought them from only sells them in tiny packs of 4).

Did an illustration. More on this later.

Sean had a show at Anti Social.

He drew on the walls with pencil.

Played with the google translator app on Andy's iphone. I don't remember what language that is. Some kind of African language.

Other things that I did not pictured: Saw Onra and Dâm-Funk, dragged myself to go see DESTROYER (as you can tell from my use of all caps, I was very glad that I went, got to see many friends and Dan Bejar be totally chill and awesome), went crazy at Nuba and had white sangrias, played chess and lost three times in a row, saw an entertaining but admittedly very flawed and awfully cheesy movie, and played Little Big Planet and unlocked a weird/fun level with crazy Avatar looking things.

Oh man it was swell. Now it's back to work week time.

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