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Thursday, July 15, 2010

O hai bathtub (who's drain is clogged, halp!), summer, and everyone.

I had a week off from Adbusters and it was awesome. Here's what I did:

Drank a whole bunch of summer drinks.

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee. Okay okay, there is so much hype over this drink. I like hype. So the story is that cold brewed iced coffee is way better than just coffee you normally brew and put ice in. Apparently, according to this New York Times article, cold brewed iced coffee is more than just sticking ice in hot coffee, and if done right, is so smooth, has a natural sweetness (and even notes of CARAMEL!) that just does not compare. The recipe is the easiest thing in the world, and for something so amazing, come on, gotta try it. And I tried it using this girl's combo of adding almond extract and maple syrup. OKAY. IT IS OUT OF CONTROL! Hype like this is cool.

A Strawberry Rosemary Tea Lemonade that I made. Just puree some fresh strawberries, add some lemon juice, tea bags, chopped up rosemary, sugar, and water and you have one of the best summer drinks in the world. I have decided that I best like eating strawberries blended. And in this drink.

I ate delicious things too. This is the "Dunbar" bar from Butter Bakery. I want to try the "Coney Island" bar next (brownie with toasted coconut marshmallow on top!)

I bought a whole bunch of plants and pots. A total, total (not as good) ripoff (I mean, total inspiration) of this girl's shower jungle. My window ledge is not deep enough to have big crazy plants on. A modest shower forest will do.

I saw a bunch of movies:
Toy Story 3
Twilight: Eclipse (lol)
Wet Hot American Summer
I bought a whole bunch of books. You can read what they are here.

I acquired a stump.
Had a picnic with a friend I rarely see, but when I do, it's always nice. And yah, there's a pate there with FOIE GRAS in the middle! And a big hunk of camembert cheese. Best kind of hunk.

Did work for OCW magazine(formerly known as One Cool Word). The magazine is relaunching next Friday with a big show/party at the Rickshaw Theater. Facebook event: You should go if you're in Vancouver! Going to be fun. Also a couple of Calgary pals are in the magazine as well! Sean Macalister and Heather Kai Smith!

I also went to the beach a lot (but you know what that looks like, and just so you know, there was lots of sun and hot air). And found people to play chinese checkers with.

And I slept.

I hope you had a good week too.

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tom said...

i like your stump