Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have been liking these things a lot the past few weeks:

-Lemonade (I've made Basil, Rosemary, and my latest is Watermelon, I found a recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb lemonade that has been fascinating me for a week now that I'll be trying soon.)
-Chinese Checkers. Although I seem to be on a total losing streak. Watch me rise from the dead though.
- Vain and Vapid's Summer Collection 2009...gaaaahhhh such beautiful stuff. I stumbled upon this girl on Etsy and I am glad. One of the few sellers on there that makes their own clothes that is absolutely lovely and reasonably priced.

Photo by Alana Davis

-Pushing Daisies. At first I thought a lot of this show was kind of forced and a bit too sort of charismatic for it's own good, but as I watched it more, I just felt myself unintentionally laughing really hard and just sort of unwillingly smiling at how endearing the characters were and how they acted and who they are. Not too mention uh, Ned (Lee Pace) is kind of um, well really good looking. It's a bummer that it was already cancelled after 2 seasons and I have yet to see the second, but I can see that too much of a good thing gives you a bad stomach ache.

Other things that I just like and discovered recently:
Sprouted Kitchen. I have yet to try and recipes from this blog, and admittedly nothing really jumps at me to try, but the photos on here are absolutely gorgeous and striking and I like the largeness of them, gives such a good breathing room and I just feel at such peace when I look at this blog.
Anna Melcon. I had stumbled upon her blog when I saw this tutorial she had done (which I really want to do one day) and I realized I had seen her work before on flickr, which is insanely nice and you might think so as well.

Poster by Anna Melcon!

Okay and here are some pictures of the days of June and July that you might like to look at:

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