Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I got an old roll of film developed the other day:

These photos are from North Van during when I had to go to Centennial Books to get my books bound. Speaking of bookbinding, Tea! Party! Design! Or, without the exclamation points: Tea Party Design (cute name by the way). Ginger and Chloe starting and doing stuff and it looks really exciting and cool and everyone should see! It seems a lot of people are starting stuff, in Calgary my friends are also starting a little book publishing house/company, The Straw and I was just at the Main Street Party thing the other day where a whole lot of selling of handmade stuff was going on and it's nice/exciting to see semi big/big things being done by everyday people.

This tree was crazy to me. It was bursting with bright pink flowers and dying brown petals. I really liked it.

I was lying underneath the tree to photograph this.

One time Andy and Jane came over and we played with photobooth and listened to Girl Talk for like 3 hours straight and played bocce for 2 seconds on my bed. It was fun.

Some sort of dramatic photographs of a not really dramatic night:

That's Nate making me laugh. I can't remember at what though.

I want to do more analog photographs! It's really exciting to fill up a roll, hand it in to London Drugs and to be reminded of what you did and saw and to also be kind of disappointed at how many awful photographs you can take. But when you have a somewhat good one, it's really really exciting and you can't help but stare at that photo for a long time. Or you keep going through the pile over and over just so you can see the good photo in all the crappy ones.

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