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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Past few weeks of April and the beginning of May:

A great dog in Chinatown. Sometimes when I see a big dog, I think that if I were to ever get a dog again, it would have to be a big dog. But then I see small dogs and am totally won over by them and start to think that I should get a small dog. I've now decided that erm, dogs in Vancouver are only for admiring purposes.


Chocolate raspberry cream pie at Aphordite's after graduating. For 7.25 or so...not really worth it (even though it was pretty). I can only take so much whipped cream.

Tulips! My mom says they are so spring, and I completely agree.

One of my favorite things that happened in the past few days was taking a nap on the beach while Harrison walked around. It felt so good to just rest after a hectic, completely full, but undeniably memorable past few weeks.

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