big boat

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ah god! my 14 year old/21 year old self is pretty won over by this and can't wait to see it.

Another week of April:

Leftovers of Maggie's project:

A really cheap Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I had the szechuan halibut over rice, it was very bony but 5 dollars and huge.

printing (finally):

I made this soup and had a really simple baguette sandwich with it, just ham, butter, and brie. It made me pretty happy. French people totally knows what's up with food.

And in spirit of 420:

Oh mom.


Unknown said...

I like that you printed HAGS, I hope I get one!

Also I really like Michael Cera for some reason.

Amanda said...

Because he's beautiful, Andy!

And yeah Ellen, that trailer made me just about cry.