Japan: What Felt Like Spring

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I went to Japan for a little over a week with my mom. We stayed in Osaka and made day trips to Kobe, Nara, Kanazawa and Kyoto.


Cat cafe! Yewwww!

This is the cat that hung out with us the most. He was huge and so insanely cute. 

Whoa blind deer. 

Nara is kinda magical with all the deer running around, but most of the time they're just doing this: flocking to you the instant they see you have food and then dropping you like you're nothing once they've eaten it all. 

We ate so much ice cream.


Found this on the ground. 

Main reason for going to Kanazawa.

Laughing at my mom.

Kyoto. So lovely and fell in love with it:

Bamboo Forest. 


I had been to Japan before with Jane over a few years back and we had such and fun and hilarious time. It was nice coming back to Japan with my mom, to be reminded of toilets that do everything for you, eating oodles of noodles, having inanimate objects talk to you, navigating complex subway systems and stations, seeing such beautiful and intricate objects and crafts, consuming copious amounts of green tea everything, seeing such cute stuff that it hurts, seeing inexplicably odd stuff that you can only describe as 'Japanese', getting to wear pants and experience the tail end of a spring season, and of course, seeing and experiencing all this with my mom. xoxo. 

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