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Saturday, December 7, 2013

I went to a town 3 hours away from Guadalajara called Guanajuato to visit a sweet couple I became friends with in Sayulita.

Guanajuato is: magical. Painfully beautiful. Romantic. Wonderful. Enchanting. Everyone I talked to described Guanajuato this way before I came, and I was like, yah okay, cool. But it's true.

The picture doesn't show this, but this square, it's enclosed by these trees where their branches and leaves are growing into each other and they are cut in such a way where they make this really beautiful massive box for you to sit in and under. It's so nice.

From the mummy museum. Some of the bodies in there startled me more then I thought they would. There was this one in there where the woman had this disease where her heart would stop every once in awhile, and at one point her heart stopped for an entire day so her family thought she was dead. And so she was buried alive and the way her body was displayed in the museum, it was terrifying. 

It was also weird/fascinating to see hair, eyelashes, and fingernails on a corpse and how real but not real it looks and how it stands the test of time. They looked so delicate and fragile. And of course you're confronted with and think about death and that was disconcerting as well. 

On the other hand, I realized that one of my favorite photos was taken here at one point! (ps - the bodies are now behind glass, they clued in and realized that hey, maybe we should protect these bodies a bit more)

Seeing Guanajuato, it just made me realize that Mexico has so many different regions with their own characteristics. And how it can differ in a small distance like 3 hours. It made me fall in love with Mexico more, showing me its complexities and nuances in vibrant, warm, and bright ways that just make me burst at the seams, coming undone (happily so) and wanting more.

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