San Pancho

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hi. I'm in small town over called San Pancho for the weekend housesitting. 

And dog sitting. They're adorable. The big one is Bullwinkle and the small one is Maggie.

The women that I am housesitting for are from my Spanish class and they are so incredibly nice and their home is absolutely beautiful. They each have their own floor and each has a distinct style that is specific to them, that shows a life that has been lived and has shaped their tastes into what you see now. I hope I end up a tenth like them. 

So many nice oddities around the house.  

San Pancho is a lot more sleepier and chill then Sayulita. It's nice, I feel like I can definitely be more anonymous here (in Sayulita, everywhere you look there are people, ones that you know and it feels like you have to be more on when you're there) and there's not much to do here, but amazingly the day goes by incredibly and satisfactorily fast. 

The beach is nice because there's not nearly as many people and virtually no vendors selling you stuff. It gets to be a bummer to keep saying, "No Gracias" over and over. The waves are bigger and I loved going against them and diving in and touching the sandy bottom. 

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