Black Lodge Diner

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Poster I made for a Twin Peaks themed pop up diner being put on by Ken Tsui and Genevieve Mateyko next Sunday night. Quite excited for it! They're transforming the space into the Black Lodge (the place gives me the creeps) and for $12 you get a slice of homemade cherry pie, a scoop of brown butter pecan ice cream by Sunday Morning Ice Cream and a mug of a specially made Twin Peaks roast from Panoramic Roasters. See you there?!

The poster is based off of this scene:

It was kind of tricky to figure out what to do for the poster. Twin Peaks has a variety of weird aesthetics going on, the creepy surreal one, the small town kitschiness, the oddball hokiness, and then the weird 90s cool. There are also so many memorable scenes, gestures, and characters in the show, making it tough to decide on who and what to show and how. But in the end it came down to this: Special Agent Dale Cooper is the best, loves a good cup of coffee, and he has a weird scene with it in the Black Lodge.  

So come on out! Let's hope we don't get stuck there. But that probably wouldn't be such a bad thing in this case.

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